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About Minecraft

Minecraft is the mother of all indie sandbox games created by Markus "Notch" Persson and Mojang AB. You can build, farm, and even fight monsters, all in a world made entirely of cubes. Play by yourself or online with others in either creative mode with infinite blocks of every type, or in survival mode where you can only build with what you gather from the world. If you dig underground enough you'll find various types of ores - but beware of lava that might flood your way out! Create a majestic castle, or a dungeon deep under the earth, or even a nice relaxing lawn maze. It's like a virtual Lego set where you never run out of pieces!

Find out more at the game's homepage and at the official wiki.

About the Museum

Founded many moons ago in 2009, way back when people didn't realise Minecraft was going to be the hit it's turned into, the Minecraft Museum is the original family-friendly fan gallery site that tries to keep track of some of the more interesting pictures of Minecraft throughout its development so that visitors like yourself can look back and go "Wow, it used to look like that?"

Anyone can register for free and upload their pictures for the rest of the world to marvel at. Everything on the site is moderated by a real human being before appearing, and as long as your picture is within our rules and guidelines, it should appear on the site shortly after you upload it.

Please keep in mind that the Museum is only a fan site and the webmaster is not part of the Mojang team, nor is anything on this site officially "backed" by Mojang. We cannot provide any technical support for your copy of the game.

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